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One of the most frustrating types of car accidents people have to deal with in Dallas is a hit-and-run accident. It’s bad enough sustaining a serious injury in a car crash. But when the driver flees the scene of the crash, many different complicated legal matters often come up.

Most importantly, who’s responsible for paying for your accident-related expenses? This is especially important if you sustained a serious injury in your crash, including a neck injury like whiplash or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) like a concussion – both of which can result in chronic pain after an accident.

So what should you do? Contact The Marye Law Firm. We can help. For more than two decades, our experienced Dallas car accident lawyers have been helping people injured in serious hit-and-run accidents. As a result, we know the laws that apply to such crashes. We know what legal strategies work, and we can serve as effective legal advocates for you.

Why do drivers flee the scene of an accident?

Many times, hit-and-run car accidents occur because drivers are afraid of having to deal with the police for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons why people leave the scene of a car accident include:

  • The driver is uninsured.
  • The driver does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • The driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs.
  • The car driven by the other driver is stolen.
  • The driver has an outstanding arrest warrant.
  • The driver was in the act of committing a crime.

Who will pay for my accident?

Normally, if another driver causes your car accident in Texas, you simply file a car accident claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. So what should you do if you’re involved in a hit-and-run car accident and the at-fault driver is not found? Who’s responsible for paying for your accident-related expenses?

In many cases, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. This can be relatively easy if you have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist protection (UIM). However, even in such cases, your insurance company can sometimes be difficult to deal with. This is especially true if your injury claim adds up to thousands of dollars or significantly more.

Do you need a lawyer for a hit-and-run car accident? It’s important to know your rights. Whatever the circumstances of your case, the sooner you get legal advice, the better. An experienced Dallas car accident attorney can answer your questions and explain the best strategy for approaching your hit-and-run claim.

What should I do after a hit-and-run?

It’s important to take certain steps immediately after your accident to protect your health and protect your rights. Such steps include:

  • Call the police immediately and tell them you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident.
  • Don’t pursue the hit-and-run driver. Leave that to the police.
  • If someone saw your accident, talk to them immediately. Get their full name, address, and phone number. Ask them to describe the car and anything else they remember about the accident right away. Memories can fade fast.
  • Write down as much as you can remember about your accident. In particular, write down the color, make and model, and license plate of the hit-and-run vehicle, if you saw it.
  • Seek immediate medical treatment. Don’t try to diagnose yourself. Have a medical professional examine you.
  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your car accident claim.

Learn more about your legal rights. Contact The Marye Law Firm

The law firm you choose to handle your Dallas hit-and-run accident claim can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your legal case. This is why we believe The Marye Law Firm is the right choice for you.

You probably have a lot of questions. Can I file a lawsuit? What is the average settlement for a hit-and-run accident? Will I have to go to court? One of our attorneys can help you get answers.

We carefully select every case we handle. That way, we can devote our full attention to personally handling your hit-and-run accident. We’re serious about wanting to help you demand the money you rightfully deserve.

Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation with a Dallas car accident attorney you can trust. Your hit-and-run accident is our priority.

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