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Dangerous products often cause serious personal injuries. When that happens, the companies that manufactured these defective products should be held responsible for their actions. After all, people should reasonably expect to be able to use a product and not get hurt in the process.

But such injury claims often turn out to be much more complicated than many people realize. That’s because many companies would rather hire lawyers to defend their actions than pay injury victims the money they rightfully deserve for their product liability claim.

When this happens, it’s important for injury victims to take action in support of their injury claim. That’s our job. And our Dallas product liability attorneys at The Marye Law Firm would be honored to help. We have more than two decades of legal experience in Texas. As a result, we know the law and know how to effectively handle such cases.

What is product liability?

Product liability is a legal term that refers to the responsibility of companies to produce safe products. When companies fail to do so, they can be held legally responsible (liable) for their actions. In general, product liability cases fall into three main categories:

  • Manufacturing defect – The company made a defective and dangerous product in which an error occurred during the assembly of the product. The key to such legal cases is injury victims need to prove that the product was dangerous when it left the factory where it was produced.
  • Design defect – The company designed a dangerous product that should have been addressed during the initial design phase. Such cases can be very complicated since the company will likely claim it didn’t know its product was dangerous during the design phase. An experienced product liability lawyer knows how to gather evidence demonstrating that a product was unreasonably dangerous prior to production.
  • Failure to provide adequate safety warning – The company failed to provide warnings about potential risks associated with the product. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has very strict rules and regulations regarding safety warnings on consumer products. Failure to follow these rules can constitute legal negligence on behalf of the company.

What are common product liability cases?

Specific product liability cases can cover a wide range. Some of the most common cases can include:

  • Dangerous toys
  • Defective car parts
  • Defective airbags in vehicles
  • Food poisoning caused by dangerous foods
  • Hip implant defects
  • Dangerous drugs

In some cases, many people have been harmed by similar dangerous products. In such cases, all of the people harmed by such dangerous products may be able to take legal action together as a group.

Whatever type of product liability case you’re dealing with, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible to better understand your legal rights. Otherwise, you might not get the money you deserve for your injury-related expenses.

How much is my case worth?

If you have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for all your injury-related expenses. What you might not realize is just how many different expenses you can be compensated for during your lifetime.

Along with emergency medical care, you should receive money for any future, anticipated medical expenses related to your product liability injury. This could include follow-up doctor’s appointments, follow-up surgical procedures, and prescription medications.

In addition, if you are unable to work for any period due to injuries caused by a dangerous product, you should receive compensation for your lost income. All of these expenses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars or significantly more.

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The stakes are high in many product liability cases. Corporations could be forced to pay injured consumers millions or billions of dollars depending on the severity of the injury and how many people were affected.

In such situations, it’s critical that you have a knowledgeable, dedicated product liability attorney. That’s why you need The Marye Law Firm on your side, fighting for your rights. We don’t back down from difficult cases. We rise to the challenge.

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