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How To Take Photos and Video After a Dallas Car Accident

Person holding a smartphone and taking photos of a car accident.

Crash Site Photo and Video Can Be Powerful Claim Evidence

Car accidents typically create a lot of evidence that can support an insurance injury claim. However, a lot of it is available for only a very brief time.

Crashed vehicles are moved from the street. Witnesses continue on their way. And physical evidence, like tire marks, gets washed away.

That's why, if health and safety allow it, a car accident victim should take photos and videos of the crash right away. To get the most out of the footage, check out the following tips.

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How to take car accident photos and video

You have a right to take photos and videos of people and things in public view. You do not need permission from the other driver or anyone else to take pictures and videos of the people and things involved in the crash. It is perfectly legal to film police (as long as you don't obstruct their work).

If you're ever in a car accident, try these tips from our Dallas car accident lawyers to capture photos and videos that can help your case.

  • Don't wait. Start taking photos and videos right away. Use your smartphone or cell phone to record video and take pictures before the affected vehicles are pulled off the road.
  • Angles. Capturing footage from various angles and distances can reveal new information about the crash. Make sure to get images and videos from all around the vehicles.
  • Leave nothing out. Crash sites contain a lot more than just broken-down cars. So, zoom in on details like impact points and property damage. Record video of all parties involved, injuries, road conditions, and physical proof like skid marks and shattered glass.
  • Flashes. Even with the best phone, certain details can be lost in pictures. Lighting levels can obscure or expose important details. Therefore, take identical photos both with and without a flash.
  • The big picture. Take pictures and videos of the accident that show the surroundings if you can. For example, you should display the layout of the roadways, the weather, environmental elements like sand or puddles, and surrounding objects and activities like construction zones and detours.
  • Injuries. Wounds and bruises can heal over time, so take videos and photos of your personal injuries as soon as possible. After a car accident, you should always visit a doctor for a complete medical evaluation. You may have a delayed pain injury like whiplash, a concussion, or internal bleeding and not know it yet. Not only does the visit protect your health, but it also creates an important piece of evidence - an official medical record of your crash injuries.
  • Documenting documents. Documents and information like driver's licenses, insurance details, car registrations, and the responding officer's badge number should be captured in photos and recordings.

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