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More Deaths Being Reported on Urban Streets Than Rural in US and Texas

Despite Safety Upgrades, Fatal Car Accidents in Dallas Are Up

When annual crash data is analyzed, the results have traditionally concluded that more fatal traffic accidents occur on rural roads than urban ones. But in 2019, that changed.

Nationwide, the number of urban traffic deaths has steadily increased since 2010 - all the way up to 34 percent. Meanwhile, traffic deaths decreased in rural areas by 10 percent. Texas is seeing this trend, too, with more urban than rural fatal car accidents since about 2016.

Front end of a crashed car in Dallas, TX

Last year, there were 2,010 traffic fatalities on rural roads and 2,050 on urban ones.

According to a new AAA study, growing urban populations and bad driving behavior - especially speeding - are helping to push the trend.

AAA analyzed factors that affect speeding and non-speeding urban crashes, such as lighting conditions, time of day, and speed limits. Researchers say their data can help transportation and community officials address roadway safety hazards.

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Fatal Dallas car accidents

If you live, work, or even drive through Dallas, you may already be aware that city streets can be very dangerous. For example, more than 200 people died, and thousands were seriously injured in Dallas traffic accidents last year. But there are recent incidents of fatal crashes too:

  • Earlier this month, a man was killed, and three other people were seriously injured when a driver allegedly sped through a red light in West Oak Cliff. The driver reportedly clipped an SUV, which sent the car rolling. According to local media, the car crossed the center median on Westmoreland Road near Illinois Avenue and hit a truck. The alleged speeder died at the scene of the crash.
  • In May, a player for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals was killed, along with his girlfriend, in a car accident on Woodall Rogers Freeway. The SUV they were in allegedly hit the back of another vehicle, flipped over, hit a bridge support, and burst into flames. Speeding is believed to have been a factor, police say.

Study highlights

The AAA study analyzed national crash data from 2015 to 2019. Researchers identified factors contributing to fatal urban car accidents and measures that could help reduce crashes. Here are some study highlights:

  • In cities, fatal car accidents most frequently happened on major arteries - like I-35 (Stemmons Fwy), I-30 (Tom Landry Fwy), and the North Tollway. Local urban streets report the fewest deadly crashes.
  • The greatest number of fatal urban crashes happened on roadways with posted speed limits of 40-45 mph.
  • One of the most common speed-related, urban and fatal traffic accidents was an angle collision, aka T-bone or broadside.

Dallas street plans

For years, transportation officials and safety advocates have been taking steps toward safer Dallas streets for all roadway users. Still, the rate of traffic deaths is going up here - especially among pedestrians. People on foot now account for 30 percent of traffic deaths. Some of the city's efforts to reduce crashes include:

  • Dallas' Vision Zero Plan seeks to eliminate traffic deaths and reduce crash injuries by 50 percent before 2030. Action steps include lowering speed limits, implementing speed bumps, installing new crosswalks, and developing safe-driving education campaigns.
  • Construction is already underway to expand toll-managed lanes and improve intersections, among other changes to I-635. The goal is to relieve traffic congestion, provide local connectivity, and improve safety. The 11-mile project is expected to wrap up in 2024.
  • To reduce pedestrian accidents during busy warm-weather months, police close Deep Ellum streets to all vehicles from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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