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Neighbors Demand Safer Streets in East Dallas, TX After Serious Car Accident

A car speeding at night on a road in a city. Motion blur indicates the car is going very fast.

City officials, TxDOT AIm to tackle safety concerns

Following a serious car accident earlier this month in East Dallas, concerned neighbors are once again raising their voices to demand safer streets.

According to a report by NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, Dallas police were summoned to the scene of the crash, which took place on Garland Road at Lakeland Drive at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 4.

Police say a 22-year-old driver was operating her vehicle at an excessive speed while under the influence of alcohol when she collided with the back of a GMC Terrain that had stopped at the traffic light on Garland Road.

The collision's impact was so severe that it caused the GMC Terrain to roll and flip over entirely. Four individuals inside the vehicle were rushed to the hospital, two of whom sustained severe injuries, police say. The at-fault driver was also transported to the hospital and was charged with two counts of intoxication assault with serious bodily injury.

Reckless driving is a serious problem on Garland Road/SH 78

For quite some time now, neighbors in the area have been expressing concern about the dangerous drivers on their streets. They are made up of two distinct groups: those in a rush and those engaging in street racing.

"It's become such a speedway that at night, we can hear the racing for hours, and it's become a normal thing," one resident told NBC 5. The resident says she has been actively urging the city to take action to improve Garland Road and the adjacent Ferguson Road following a series of fatal car accidents.

Garland Road is a street that goes through East Dallas and serves as State Highway 78, making it subject to the Texas Department of Transportation regulations.

"When this road was built, it was built as a highway between Dallas and Garland, and it's still six lanes. It does not make sense," Dallas city council member Paula Blackmon said in the NBC 5 report. "The speeds are crazy, and we've got to work on traffic calming measures."

What's being done to make the road safer?

Despite limitations imposed by state oversight, Blackmon said she remains optimistic that the city and state can collaborate to find solutions for safety concerns along Garland Road. The area has seen an uptick in traffic as more pedestrians visit White Rock Lake and the burgeoning small business scene.

A city spokesperson stated that the transportation department is working with TxDOT and the North Central Texas Council of Governments to study part of Garland Road and address community concerns.

Additionally, the city has already improved traffic signals along certain sections and intends to add a new signal. In related developments, a corridor study for nearby Ferguson Road is expected to be completed soon, with ideas for improvements to be presented to the community later this spring.

Negligent drivers need to be held accountable

While infrastructure improvements will certainly help reduce serious wrecks in the area, this latest crash on Garland Road highlights how negligent drivers pose a significant risk to public safety and why it's crucial to hold them accountable through the civil justice system for their actions.

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