Dallas Real Estate Lawyers

Whether it’s purchasing your first home or you’re experiencing a landlord-tenant dispute—or if you’re a seasoned real estate investor—certain situations call for professional intervention by a Dallas real estate lawyer. The experienced lawyers at Marye Law in Dallas, TX will provide you with the confidential representation you need.

Decades of Experience in Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate

For more than two decades, Marye Law has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have extensive experience in real estate law. The firm was founded in 1999 by lead attorney Eric Marye, who has built a strong reputation regarding personal injury suits. Monica Garcia Bohuslav works in the areas of business litigation and business and real estate transactions. For the past five years, Monica has been honored as a Rising Star by Texas Super Lawyers-Thomson Reuters.

Transactions, Litigation and Investor Services

Marye Law can serve you whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a sophisticated investor in commercial real estate. Our real estate services include:

  • Working With Investors and Lenders
  • Full Title Services
  • Reviewing or Drafting Purchase or Sale Contracts
  • Letters of Intent
  • Guaranty Documents
  • Assignment Documents
  • Access Agreements
  • Easement, Rights of Way and Restriction Agreements
  • Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Real Estate Contract and Lease Negotiations

Real Estate Growth in Dallas

The real estate market in the Dallas metro area is smoking hot. Overall, Texas’ economy is doing very well, thanks to the many businesses that are moving to the Lone Star State. Dallas is the most affordable residential market in the state, especially compared to Austin or San Antonio. As a result, single-family home values increased by more than 30 percent in the Dallas Fort Worth area despite COVID-19.

The same trend is happening in commercial real estate. Whether multiple buildings or a single rental pad, costs are soaring and demand is high. If you’re in the market for investment properties or a single-family home, having an experienced real estate attorney guide your real estate transaction can give you an edge in a competitive market.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do for Buyers? 

Marye Law’s team is experienced in preparing the various documents used in real estate transactions. We can negotiate with brokers and prepare an array of real estate documents. These can include letters of intent, offers, deeds, compose and audit purchase agreements, as well as more complex documents such as a mechanic’s lien or counteroffers. We can also review contracts and lease agreements for any possible loopholes or potential liabilities. Don’t rely on a generalist attorney. Instead, count on the experienced real estate lawyers at Marye Law. We always keep your best interests in mind.

We Are Experienced in Litigation

Real estate disputes sometimes turn into real estate litigation. If it does, you want experienced real estate litigators.

Common causes of real estate litigation include the following scenarios:

  • Failure to Disclose. For instance, expansive soil is a common issue in the Dallas area. If a seller doesn’t disclose it, they are liable.
  • Breach of Contract. Many real estate agents use a boilerplate contract which may not protect the buyer or seller. A good real estate attorney can review the contract and identify any potential red flags.
  • Breach of Duty. Legally, estate agents have the duty of acting in the clients’ best interests. If they don’t, they are open to litigation. For example, the agent discloses your sensitive financial information to a third party without your permission. This makes the agent liable.
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes. These can include eviction, illegal activity in the property, violating the terms of a lease or the failure of the landlord to maintain the property

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate is one of the biggest investments a person or business can make. Why leave it in the hands of just your real estate agent and your mortgage broker? You need a Dallas real estate lawyer to provide you with exlegal advice.

All Dallas, TX Businesses Need an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

An experienced Dallas real estate lawyer can make your buying or leasing commercial real estate in Dallas much easier and less stressful. Some of the things a real estate attorney serving Dallas can do are:

  • Drafting and finalizing purchase contracts
  • Drafting and finalizing lease agreements
  • Amending a standard contract provided by your commercial real estate agent
  • Completing a title search
  • Representing you and conducting the closing

Litigation Can Be Complex—You Need a Dallas Real Estate Lawyer

Large commercial real estate lawsuits can be complicated, even more so if multiple parties are involved. Oil and gas leases, mineral or water rights, joint ownership of land, easements, legal boundaries—all can lend additional complexity to a case. Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in Dallas, TX building codes and zoning regulations. Occasionally, issues arise during a transaction requiring the guidance of an attorney in another field, such as land use or environmental.

Consider representing the owners of a large shopping center with three or four anchor tenants. One of these anchor retailers decides they are unhappy with their lease agreement and files a suit. Another anchor tenant decides to join the suit. This hypothetical scenario provides an idea of the complexity which can arise during real estate litigation.

Doing It on Your Own Is Risky

Even if you’re an attorney, self-representation is never a good idea. Considering the complexities that arise during real estate litigation, you need an expert local real estate attorney. Here are a few reasons why self-representation is a bad idea:

  • You won’t be able to meet all the technical requirements to prove your case—or defend yourself
  • You might inadvertently not follow some of the court’s procedures and your case would be dismissed
  • You might become emotional
  • You won’t have the experience needed to effectively manage a courtroom

Abraham Lincoln famously once quipped, “A lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” Listen to Abe and don’t take the risk. Instead, contact your local real estate attorney for a free consultation.

See How a Dallas Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You with a Free Consultation

Along with our specialties in commercial real estate and residential real estate our firm also practices business law, as well as personal injury law. Many of our clients have praised our personal approach, as well as our integrity. If you are seeking a Dallas real estate lawyer who understands the Dallas marketplace, contact us today for your free consultation or call 214-987-8240.


What are legal fees for real estate?

Real estate attorneys typically charge between $150-$300 per hour. Depending on the services rendered, some may charge a flat fee. Call us to learn more. 

Do I need a Dallas real estate lawyer?

Yes, especially if you are feeling unsure or are having any doubts about a potential real estate purchase or the other parties involved. Avoid unnecessary risks by setting up your free consultation.

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I got hurt on a cotton gin when the rollers on the condenser unit caught my arm and pulled me into the machine. My arm was smashed up to my elbow. I lost muscle and all my nerves and still have pain to this day. A local Lubbock lawyer dropped my case because my employer didn’t have workmen’s comp. I called Eric Marye and he worked on my case for about two years. We got real close to trial and at the second settlement meeting, my case settled for one and a half million dollars (Client received $900,000). He got my medical bills paid and I am getting a check every month from the insurance company for the rest of my life. I am definitely happy with the job Mr. Marye did for me and my family and would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney for a serious injury.

Jerry Alvarado

I hit an 18-wheeler that ran a stop sign on a highway in Louisiana. A local lawyer told me that he could get me $600,000 for my case if I was lucky. I had brain surgery and I couldn’t raise my arm. After hiring Eric Marye, he got me to a good doctor that told me I had a torn rotator cuff and operated on my shoulder. He also sent me to a doctor for my brain injury and a psychiatrist. He settled my case for almost two million dollars! (Client received $1,266,666.67.) I am getting a check each month for the rest of my life.

Lusty Harris

Eric, I thank u for everything u have done for me and my family. Thank u for caring so much for Jacob when u hadn’t even met him. U believed in all of us. Only God can put that kind of faith, hope, and heart-felt feelings in a good person like yourself. Your a dam good lawyer and a wonderful friend.

Emily Garcia

Eric and his staff did the most wonderful job helping me get a start in life after my work accident. I got shocked at work from a broken electric stove. My employer did not want to back me up so I hired Eric through my daughter, and he got a lot of experts and we went to trial on my case and won. We got everything we asked for and I ended up with a lot more money than I thought I could get, especially now that I am retired. If anyone needs a super lawyer, hire him because he is the best. Thanks again Eric.

Carolyn Moreno

When my wife was killed by an eighteen-wheeler, my family and I hired Eric Marye. Eric did a great job on the case. Not only was he a great lawyer, but he also became a friend. If you need a lawyer for an eighteen-wheeler accident, hire Eric.

Milton Jensen

Initially, I couldn’t find a lawyer willing to take my case. I was in a one-car accident on the job and had a head injury so I couldn’t remember what happened. Eric Marye found two witnesses and sued my company. The settlement was confidential, but I am very happy with what Eric did for me. My life would be much different if I hadn’t hired Eric Marye’s firm.

Robby Thomas

I hit an 18-wheeler that ran a stop sign on a highway in Louisiana. A local lawyer told me that he could get me $600,000 for my case if I was lucky. I had brain surgery and I couldn’t raise my arm. After hiring Eric Marye, he got me to a good doctor that told me I had a torn rotator cuff and operated on my shoulder. He also sent me to a doctor for my brain injury and a psychiatrist. He settled my case for almost two million dollars! (Client received $1,266,666.67.) I am getting a check each month for the rest of my life.

Lusty Harris