Texas Courts & Legal Information

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Texas Court System

Links to all Texas courts, including trial and appellate courts

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The Supreme Court of Texas

Homepage for the state’s highest appellate court.

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The Supreme Court of Texas

Link to most recent Supreme Court opinions.

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Texas Courts of Appeals

State’s intermediate appellate courts

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5th District Court of Appeals, Dallas

Appellate court website for Dallas

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14th District Court of Appeals, Houston

Appellate court website for Houston

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Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

Rules of court that apply in civil lawsuits and other filings in Texas

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Texas Administrative Code

A 16-chapter compilation of state agency rules in Texas

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Texas Legislature

The state’s laws, a list of lawmakers and information on legislative activity

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Texas Secretary of State

Information on corporate filings and the Uniform Commercial Code in Texas

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Attorney General’s Office

State Attorney General, information on child support, elder law, crimes, & AG.

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State Bar of Texas

Organization regulating the practice of law within the state of Texas

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Texas Trial Lawyers Association

A group of lawyers that handle plaintiffs’ cases

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Texas Legal Pamphlets

Legal information for consumers, provided by the State Bar of Texas

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Texas Law Blogs

Blogs covering everything from administrative law to wills and estates

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I got hurt on a cotton gin when the rollers on the condenser unit caught my arm and pulled me into the machine. My arm was smashed up to my elbow. I lost muscle and all my nerves and still have pain to this day. A local Lubbock lawyer dropped my case because my employer didn’t have workmen’s comp. I called Eric Marye and he worked on my case for about two years. We got real close to trial and at the second settlement meeting, my case settled for one and a half million dollars (Client received $900,000). He got my medical bills paid and I am getting a check every month from the insurance company for the rest of my life. I am definitely happy with the job Mr. Marye did for me and my family and would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney for a serious injury.

Jerry Alvarado

I hit an 18-wheeler that ran a stop sign on a highway in Louisiana. A local lawyer told me that he could get me $600,000 for my case if I was lucky. I had brain surgery and I couldn’t raise my arm. After hiring Eric Marye, he got me to a good doctor that told me I had a torn rotator cuff and operated on my shoulder. He also sent me to a doctor for my brain injury and a psychiatrist. He settled my case for almost two million dollars! (Client received $1,266,666.67.) I am getting a check each month for the rest of my life.

Lusty Harris

Eric, I thank u for everything u have done for me and my family. Thank u for caring so much for Jacob when u hadn’t even met him. U believed in all of us. Only God can put that kind of faith, hope, and heart-felt feelings in a good person like yourself. Your a dam good lawyer and a wonderful friend.

Emily Garcia

Eric and his staff did the most wonderful job helping me get a start in life after my work accident. I got shocked at work from a broken electric stove. My employer did not want to back me up so I hired Eric through my daughter, and he got a lot of experts and we went to trial on my case and won. We got everything we asked for and I ended up with a lot more money than I thought I could get, especially now that I am retired. If anyone needs a super lawyer, hire him because he is the best. Thanks again Eric.

Carolyn Moreno

When my wife was killed by an eighteen-wheeler, my family and I hired Eric Marye. Eric did a great job on the case. Not only was he a great lawyer, but he also became a friend. If you need a lawyer for an eighteen-wheeler accident, hire Eric.

Milton Jensen

Initially, I couldn’t find a lawyer willing to take my case. I was in a one-car accident on the job and had a head injury so I couldn’t remember what happened. Eric Marye found two witnesses and sued my company. The settlement was confidential, but I am very happy with what Eric did for me. My life would be much different if I hadn’t hired Eric Marye’s firm.

Robby Thomas